Debra Spark,


Short Stories

Phenomenology of Religion
Gulf Coast
The first thing I did when I got to college was acquire a boyfriend.

A Wedding Story
Her trip to London was purely for pleasure, but Rachel Rubenstem did have a goal.

Personal Essays

French Accent Marks: A Beginner Offers a Primer
For me, an American with a unique lack of talent for learning languages, the five French accent marks (also referred to as the diacritics) can be confusing.

Last Things
Narrative Magazine
My sister and I step briskly out of the greengrocer to get away from the men in line behind us who have told us, in great detail, what they’d like to do to us, where they intend to put certain parts of their bodies.

My Son’s Internet Rendezvous
I took my 13-year-old boy across the country to meet a girl he knew from “Minecraft”—and it was totally worth it.

The Dangerous Act of Writing
Her boyfriend was very intense. I know, because he’d been my boyfriend before he’d been hers. 

Finding Their Own Way on Christmas
The New York Times
Nothing gives you the No Chair in the Great Musical Chairs Game of Life quite like being a Jew on Christmas Day.